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Privacy policy

  • In KORIN LTD. (our company below), to comply with the code and laws and regulations regarding personal information,and care is taken to ensure the protection of important personl information of our customers.

  • Definition of personal information.

    Personal information as used in this Act shall mean information about a living individual which can identifythe specific individual by name, date of birth, sex, tel number, address, e-mail address, occupation, or other description contained in such information.

  • About the collection of personal information.

    • When you have made inquiries to our company.
    • When providing you the new item or other information from our company.
    • Has been used exclusively, to such trade execution and payment and delivery.
  • Provision of personal information to third parties.

    Our company can disclose or provide personal information to third parties retrieved from the customer is not available.

    However, if the following exceptions.

    • If you have the consent of the disclosure of personal information.
    • If the request from the police and public agencies.
    • If you recive the application of the law.
  • Disclosure of personal information, correction,etc.

    Our company, if self-disclosure of information from the customer himself,correction,there was a purchase, such as deleted, depending on reliably.

  • Perform to re-ensure thorough of staff management.

    Our company has been thoroughly described above staff.