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Product Features

It is part of the order to the length adjustment at the time of the processing by using a flat string and woven rubber clip. Because we use a polycarbonate resin, strong impact, excellent heat, it is characterized by toughness that can be used as an alternative material of metal. Colors are three colors of white, black, transparent, size of the through-cord We offer 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, a 40mm and a clip of the same size. Note) cord through the thickness will be 1.5mm. If used the less flat string and woven rubber thickness may easily come off. Also, if you are using a flat string and woven rubber of more thickness, please note that you may not pass if painful street or at all. Because it does not use the metal, because it is also available in the rain or seawater, it is also ideal for outdoor activities.

Product Summary


A: 29.0Mm
B: 2.0Mm
C: 10.8Mm
D: 6.0Mm
String through hole: 25.0mm
Thickness: 5.9mm

Use for.....

Baby kids products suspenders