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Tip folded model/Pin holder clip

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Tip folded model/Pin holder clip

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Product Features

If the structure is the same as the 21Type, but that kept squeezing and clothing by the shape of bending the tip, the clip can not stand, will stay in clothing and concurrency. Also pin a name tag and ribbons without opening a hole in the clothing since the holder type can be passed through a safety pin, you can use such as armband. The unique structure, we have to have a spring property only in three plastic parts without the use of a metal spring. Because it does not use the metal it is also ideal for such outdoor because it is also available in the rain or seawater. If it is possible to get used to the opening and closing method can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

How to open & close

Product Summary


A: 21.0mm
B: 12.0mm
C: 29.0mm
D: 14.5mm
Thickness: 7.81mm
Pin holder portion outer diameter of the hole: 4φ (pi)
Pin holder hole of the inner diameter: 2φ (pi)

Pinching force


Use for.....

Name tag